Delete Browser History Android

Finest Way to Remove Browser History from Android Devices

An internet web browser generally known as browser is an application, which facilitates users in checking out various webpages under different domains. These domains are located at WWW (World Wide Web). Webpages details are cataloged within one of the attributes of the browser called as browser history. The reason behind creation of such queue on the browser is that, it eases users to revisit the websites or webpages that were vistied by them in the past. Henceforth, wherever, such pages are required by the user, they can simply click on respective page url on the browser history and checkout the required information.

Although, bowser history is of great significance, if its existence gets quite long and healthy in size, then, it starts slowing down performance of Android phone. Users can easily Delete Browser History Android by just making use of some of the simple steps over the settings of Android Smartphone. Even though it may sound ludicrous to some of the Android phone users let’s assume one of such contingency, where the browser history gets quite big and old. As the history of the browser gets old, it gets categorized on basis of day, week and month. These old browser histories can be erased from the Android phone using the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the browser on the Android Phone and chose for the “Menu” option which is available over the upper right corner of the screen.
  • As the menu option appears click on the “History.”
  • Once the History Tab opens click on the Clear all option, that is, available over the right corner of screen and delete browser history Android.
  • To reaffirm that history is wiped out, you can check for the browser history.

In case, if you are making use of Android Tablet instead of Android phone, then, task to delete browser history from Android Tablet can be done by amending some changes in the above mentioned steps. In many cases, the above mentioned steps are worthless and dont provide security, so it's better to use Remo MORE software. This software delete browser history Android smartphone and it's effect can be easily felt while making use of various application of the phone. Once the previously accumulated internal memory space of the smartphone is cleared each of the pre-installed tools are able to function which much more proficiency.

Usually when we make browsing on the smartphone, we don’t want it to be shared by anyone. So, the best way to eliminate such issue is delete browser history Android as soon as possible. Along with performing delete browser history Android, same procedure can be followed to clear, cache, username and password, etc. If you are looking for solution to query like “how to delete browsing history on Samsung Galaxy S4?” then, it can be easily resolved by use of afore-mentioned tool.

Many of the Android phone users feel such procedure complex and thus, never attempt for it. Those people can make use of Remo MORE which is quite fluent in handling such sort of problems. Remo MORE is very user friendly tool and thus can be used by novice or experts with same ease. No matter what kind of smartphone is being used by the owner this tool can be easily implemented delete browsing history on HTC Thunderbolt, Sony Xperia, Intex, etc.

Simple Steps to Delete Browser History Android:

Step 1: After downloading and installing Remo MORE software on your Android phone choose "Optimize" on Welcome Window as illustrated in Figure 1.

Delete Browser History Android - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step 2: Upon the Optimize window click on Privacy Cleaner as illustrated in Figure 2.

How to Delete Web Browser History on Android - Privacy Cleaner

Figure 2: Privacy Cleaner

Step 3: Once the Clean History window appears on the Android phone, choose Clean Browser History to clear browser history completely as illustrated in Figure 3. As this is done delete browser history Android is achieved.

Erase Internet History on Android Phone - Clean Browser History

Figure 3: Clean Browser History